Monday, December 3, 2012

Boys Noize - What You Want [Remixes]

  By now We've all heard and have partied to Boys Noize track What You Want off his latest album Out of The Black. Now it's time to party some more to it with remixes from SCNTST, Chromeo and Orlando's very own Meaux Green! All three of these remixes are great, each one of the producers takes Boys Noize's tune and really makes it their own.

   The first remix comes from German Techno producer SCNTST. He's normally known for his dark Techno sound but on this remix he switches it up a bit. Ever heard of Tech - Trap? If you haven't yet this will be your first time with SCTST Pointless Remix. Even thought the remix is not completely finished you can hear all the familiar Trap elements like the snare hits and hi hat rolls. Be sure to check back up on this one once a full remix is released.

   The second remix comes from Electro Fuck duo Chromeo. If you know a little about Chromeo you know that they're infamous for laying down some funk on the guitar and vocoder and that's exactly what they do here. I love the vibe they bring to the tune and can totally imagine it being played at Mondaze while I get my funk on.

   On the third remix we have Orlando's very own Meaux Green. This is his latest work after his PEMDAS release, and we must say he is catching on fire quick. On the What You Want remix Meaux adds that hard hitting Electro sound to it and brings it to you in a free download. The breakdown and build up in the middle is something of epic proportions that would have any crowd large or small go crazy to. We love all the stuff Meaux Green has been putting out so make sure to swing by his facebook and give him a like and better yet make sure to catch him live a couple wake from now when Meaux Green takes over Smile For Camera's Takeovr!

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